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Home Theaters In Dallas Texas


TruDefinition has earned its reputation for designing and installing the highest quality home theaters in Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas.

Our team has designed and installed home theater systems in some of the most prestigious homes in all of the DFW Metroplex.

TruDefinition’s design process is built around a common theme in our company- exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Often times the response we receive from clients is unanimous- they didn’t know it was possible for a home theater to sound or look so good. 

We marry the best in technology with years of industry experience, and the results speak for itself. 

Beautifully designed Home Theater system in Dallas Texas

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Beautifully designed Home Theater system in Dallas Texas

Breathtaking Home Theater Sound


When we install a home theater in Dallas Texas, we give our customers a full selection of high-fidelity sound equipment.

We are dealers for Sonos and many other high end audio components. Our team has designed numerous critical listening rooms and home theaters in award-winning homes throughout North Texas.

Our team specializes in designing and installing high-end home theaters from beginning to end. We pride ourselves in being seasoned acousticians. Home theaters isn’t only our bread and butter, it’s our passion.

We’re audiophiles at heart and spend our spare time looking for the next best technology for our clients.

Let us show you why we’re preferred and referred by some of the most exclusive home associations in DFW Texas. 


Mesmerizing Video Quality

Home theater systems have come a long way. When we design a custom home theater, we start with the end in mind: the ultimate viewing experience.

Our clients elucidate their ideas of what a perfect home theater is, and we try our best to exceed those ideals. Because of the advance of technology, and our expertise in designing, installing, and optimizing theaters, the first reaction of our clients is pure elation, and sometimes disbelief.

This of course is the reaction we’re always looking for. High-quality video is an imperative part of the theater experience. We have a full selection of 4k and up equipment that has mind-boggling detail.

Whether you’re looking for an OLED flat screen or a UHD Projector setup, we can install and optimize your AV equipment to perfection.

Beautifully designed Home Theater system in Dallas Texas

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