Lighting and Shade Control In Dallas Tx


• Whole House Lighting Plan

• Out Door Lighting

• Lighting Automation

• Motorized Shade Control

• Automated Exterior Lighting

• Security Lighting

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Turn Your House Into A Home

The Savant Pro App enables a seamless transition from morning to evening, in any part of the home. Using the powerful sleek Savant app, homeowners have ultimate control over their atmosphere. Getting ready for bed? Dim the lights across the house with the Goodnight Scene. Finally getting to that date night? Select the Date Night scene to dim the lights and turn on the music. The possibilities are endless.

Savant Lighting Control

Savant's lighting control app gives you complete control over the intensity, and color of light with the press of a button!

Complete Lighting Control In The Palm of Your Hands

Our systems are designed to give you complete control over your lighting. Savant’s lighting control system is capable of endless possibilities.

TruDefinition’s flawless home automation design gives you control over the intensity and color of your lighting. Our custom-designed systems give you an unlimited amount of possibilities with lighting configuration.

Ambient Lighting Control

With Savant’s ProApp, it’s possible to set up scenes for each room. This allows you to preset lighting controls, and at the press of a button, change the entire feel of the room.

These presets can be set to come on when ever you like.  Getting ready for movie night? Press the movie scene button and relax!

Remote Mobile Control

Change the channels or access entertainment from anyone in your home.

Automated Exterior Lighting

Exterior home lighting provides aesthetics and security. Savant’s lighting control and ProApp allows you to automate your exterior lighting. Thus improving the looks and security of your home, whether you’re present or touring the world. 

Automated Shade Control

With TruDefinition’s shade control you can automate the opening and closing of your shades and curtains with the press of a button. Want your shades to open at the same time every morning? Effortlessly create a scene on the Savant ProApp with its user friendly interface and set a timer for your shades automatically.

Remote Mobile Control

Change the channels or access entertainment from anyone in your home.