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Incorporating the use of smart technology in your Texas-based business can mean saving time and money. Utilizing smart conferencing technology means with the press of a button can turn on the lights to the appropriate setting, power on the audio-video equipment, and adjust the motorized curtains to dim any glare. Smart conference room technology can be enabled to come on automatically when entering the room.  Using a singular point of control, mainly a tablet with Savant’s award-winning Pro App will turn your boardroom into a showroom.


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TruDefinition’s video conference rooms are the best in Dallas Fort Worth. Our team has spent years perfecting high-quality, high fidelity conferencing solutions that are both easy to use and extremely reliable. Utilizing this technology in your commercial office will greatly increase the quality of your conference calls, and the ease of setting them up. Our video cameras and microphones provide perfect clarity for your important meetings. With the press of a button, you can activate your entire system and be ready to go in just a few seconds.

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Using smart office technology to bring your North Texas business up to date can be quite the task. Businesses are inundated with the latest technology fads that quickly become irrelevant. Our smart office solutions control everything from secure building access, 4K security camera systems, AV systems, and much more. Want to access your building remotely? No problem. With Savant’s Pro App you’ll have full remote functionality of your office 24/7. Let employees in remotely, monitor cameras, doors, and much more with our smart office solutions. 

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Media controls in your Texas-based office have never been easier. With more media sources available than ever before, businesses are constantly looking for an easier way to access this information and share it with employees and clients. With Savant’s video tiling capability, you can have unlimited video and audio sources on one screen, and have the ability to send it to any smart display device in your office. This functionality even works remotely. Your staff will be able to view or listen to anything, all from the touch screen. 

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With the amount of data in the workplace, now it’s more important than ever to have a blazing fast internet connection. Our network solutions provide the highest possible speeds with redundant backups to ensure your networks are never down. Our team specializes in retrofitting existing buildings with up-to-date technology that won’t be irrelevant next year. Do you have a new commercial project you’re building in the Fort Worth Dallas area? Our team can design, pre-wire, and finish your project for you.

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Automated Shade Control

Smart lighting control for your business means energy savings, convenience, and security for your employees. Having the ability to design and control the quality of light in your business can drastically improve the looks and functionality of your office. Lights that are too bright or the wrong kelvin can cause problems with employees and customers. Our intelligent lighting solutions allow you to design the look and feel of your office and give you the ability to adjust the lights dynamically. TruDefinition will tailor our lighting solutions exactly to the needs of your Texas business.

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We have spent more than a decade training our technicians to design and install commercial technology in Dallas. TruDefinition’s Technicians are professionally trained and certified installers for many of the commercial automation brands. Before the installation process even begins, we will have spent dozens of hours designing the system and planning the installation, step by step.

When we show up at your location, we will be fully repaired to execute a flawless installation, quickly and safely. Our track record speaks for itself. Installing commercial technology in Dallas has never been better.

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Video Conference Room Demo

Intelligent Conference Control

Modern technology meets intelligent solutions. Trudefinitions simple conference control makes setting up meetings easy and reliable.

High Quality Video Streaming

Our conference solutions provide the highest quality video streaming commercially available today.

Automated Lighting Control

Automate your conference lighting system to activate automatically. Use this system to turn on the conference system, speakers, and lighting.

HiFi Sound

Bring your conference room to life with high-quality conference speakers.

Looking For Home Automation in Dallas?

We would love the opportunity to show you why we’re considered the best in the industry.

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Unlike other companies in the commercial automation industry, the relationship we have with our clients is not transactional. Clear communication with each client means managing expectations and fewer surprises. We respond quickly and professionally to all client inquiries. We even had a custom calendar designed so our clients can book time with us directly. We have done everything possible to ensure that our customer experience is phenomenal, from day one.

To be clear, we understand that many of the customers we work with require a higher standard of service and product. We hear you.

We want you to have the best commercial automation AND customer experience possible, we’ve built our business around it.

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