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TruDefinition’s Smart Home Technology turns your house into a home. We specialize sell and installing smart home automation systems in Dallas Texas. Controlling video, lights and security features has never been easier. With the press of a button on your phone, tablet, keypad, or panel, you can control your home effortlessly. Control your amazing sound system with your mobile device from anywhere within or outside of your Dallas home.

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With Savant’s lighting control system, you can change the ambiance of your home instantly. Want to set the mood for a romantic dinner or dim the lights for a movie? Open the Savant Pro App, and with the flick of your thumb, change the color and intensity of the light across your entire home. Programming lights to come on and off, or dim on a schedule has never been easier.

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TruDefinition designs and builds home network infrastructure to be blazing fast today, and it will be easy to upgrade for tomorrow’s technology. We will design a robust home network to support your current technology needs, including the TV, phone, video, and music. As well as security, and home automation control.

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Smart climate control keeps your home comfortable around the clock, regardless of the season. This technology can greatly decrease the amount of energy used in your home, paying for its self over time while keeping you comfortable year round. Need to bump down the AC for that super-bowl party? Use the same award winning Savant Pro App on your control pad, or your mobile device to make easy adjustments.

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With motorized blinds or shades, you can easily control the lighting in your home. Installing motorized window treatments can greatly increase comfort, and save energy. TruDefinition can program your window treatments to open or close automatically based on a specific time or a certain temperature in a part of your home. This type of system maximizes your home’s UV protection of expensive furniture and interior finishes.

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Tired of your technology controlling you? TruDefinition’s solution to this problem is simple. Our smart home technology integrates all of your systems together seamlessly. Imagine arriving to your home after a long day of work. Simply press your Welcome Home button, your security system will disarm, doors unlock, and lights turn on. You can even program your Spotify channel to play as soon as you walk in the door. The possibilities are endless. TruDefinition’s smart home technology will get rid of all those extra remotes.


We have spent more than a decade training our technicians to design and install home automation systems in Dallas. TruDefinition’s Technicians are professionally trained and certified installers for many of the home audio and video brands. Before the installation process even begins, we will have spent dozens of hours designing the system and planning the installation, step by step.

When we show up at your location, we will be fully repaired to execute a flawless installation, quickly and safely. Our track record speaks for itself. Installing home theaters in Dallas has never been better.

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Unlike other companies in the home automation industry, the relationship we have with our clients is not transactional. Clear communication with each client means managing expectations and fewer surprises. We respond quickly and professionally to all client inquiries. We even had a custom calendar designed so our clients can book time with us directly. We have done everything possible to ensure that our customer experience is phenomenal, from day one.

To be clear, we understand that many of the customers we work with require a higher standard of service and product. We hear you.

We want you to have the best home automation system and customer experience possible, we’ve built our business around it.

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Motorized Window Treatments

Window Treatments can be set to activate automatically based on time or temperature.

Savant Integrated Functionality

Stream multiple video sources simultaneously and control it with the Savant Pro App.

Ambient Lighting Control

Use Savant Scenes to set the mood when you're getting ready for date-night. Set the lights on a timer to come on automatically every morning.

Radiant Heating Control

Control your radiant heating and A/C with your mobile device.

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