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Enjoy best-in-class, high-fidelity audio, anywhere in your home. Automated and fully controlled in the palm of your hand. Multi-zone, distributed audio.


• Whole-home Audio

• Media Rooms

• Critical Listening Rooms

• Distributed Audio

• Custom Designed Systems

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Home Audio Dallas


TruDefinition’s whole-home audio solutions will make your ears tingle. Crisp, clear sound will allow you to enjoy music from any room in your house, outside too. You will have complete control over your home audio system with the touch of a button. Our components are installed seamlessly with their surroundings. 



Having the best sounding home audio means nothing if you can’t operate it. With Savant’s home automation, controlling your audio has never been easier. In fact, Savant Pro App has the highest ratings in home automation. We specialize in building robust, secure home automation systems.

wiresless audio dallas


Modern home audio equipment has never been better. Wireless home audio speakers can be installed virtually anywhere inside your home. With our quality installation process, you’ll never know we were there. No more wires or cords. Just beautiful sounds filling up your entire home.

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We have spent more than a decade training our technicians to design and install home audio systems. TruDefinition’s Technicians are professionally trained and certified installers for many of the home audio brands we carry. Before the installation process even begins, we will have spent dozens of hours designing the system and planning the installation.

When we show up at your location, we will be fully repaired to execute a flawless installation, quickly and safely. Our track record speaks for itself. Installing home audio in Dallas has never been better. 

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Unlike many companies in the service industry, the relationship we have with our clients is not transactional. Clear communication with each client means managing expectations and fewer surprises. We respond quickly and professionally to all client inquiries. We even had a custom calendar designed so our clients can book time with us directly. We have done everything possible to ensure that our customer experience is phenomenal, from day one.

We understand that many of the customers we work with require a higher standard of service and product. We hear you.

Call us today and find out why we outshine our competitors. 

Starting A Project Soon?

We would love the opportunity to show you why we're considered the best in the industry.

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