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Home Security Systems

TruDefinition designs high-end, integrated security systems that offer maximum protection for your family in their Dallas home. Our Wireless and Wired security systems are discreet, effective, and superlative in quality.

Our security systems integrate with Savant’s home automation system and offer a full range of customization and control. Arming and disarming your security system has never been easier.

Using Savant’s award-winning Pro App you have full control over your security system from within your home, or anywhere you have Internet connectivity. Never get locked out again, and always know what is happening in your home.

Provide your family with the highest quality security system along with the peace of mind they deserve.

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Security Cameras That Set The Standard

More often than not, security camera footage isn’t usable when it’s most needed. Positioning and the quality of the camera and the strength of the signal are imperative to a good picture.

We understand the real-world challenges when it comes to installing a security camera that is discreet but also functional. Unlike other security companies, we take into consideration risk assessment and install our security cameras and hardware to be effective and discreet.

Your unexpected guess may never know they’ve been spotted, but you will. Using Savant’s Pro App, we can program custom events to alert you when a camera captures an event. Want to turn the lights on in sequence as a deterrent when your security cameras capture movement?

No problem. With the advancement of technology, the possibilities are truly endless.

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